100% natural solutions

reserved for breeding actors

  • To maintain health capital
  • To favor animal breeding

AirmedScience, Botanical synergy expert to serve animal breeding

  • Our products are
  • highly elaborated associations of plant extracts
  • supporting specific requirements linked to reproduction
  • for all animals species

We monitor and control the origin of our miscellaneous varieties of plants all over the world.


As botanical synergy experts we extract and associate the best of each plant.


We compose with fineness and security the gathered extracts to achieve 100% targeted benefits


Complementary feed reinforces the natural immune system.


In better health and praised by active plants ingredients, the animal breeds more effectively.

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100% compatible solutions with the "Ecoantibio" law

Aware of the food challenge at our doorstep, the agricultural world refines its practices to limit the use of chemicals in an increased concern of the final consumer. We are convinced that it is possible to participate effectively in the fight against the international scourge of antibiotic resistance by naturally supporting the physiological mechanisms of animal defence.

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The benefits of plants as animals production services'

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