Quality of sperm and ovulation

  • Effective plant bioactive components
  • Used on target organs 

Targeting the key steps related to reproduction of animal species. 

This is the work of AirmedScience  through the development of effective plant-based active ingredients.

Originality and effectiveness of plant bioactive substances

They are based on a comprehensive study of their mechanisms of action, with respect to different physiological functions or target organs: 

  • Immune defence mechanisms,
  • Protective biochemical pathways against harmful effects of oxidative stress
  • Digestive function and its microbiota,
  • Environmental stresses on skin architecture of some particularly exposed organs (teats, for example).

They constitute the main axes of research and development.

4 mechanisms of action studied

Our research policy is focused on animal health issues. 

That's why our solutions perfectly suit their needs and organisms.

5 problems identified
Our solutions address issues related to semen quality
  • Quantity of spermatozoon
  • Seminal fluid quality
  • Volume and concentration 
  • Mobility of spermatozoon
  • Sufficient supply of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory factors, to ensure the quality of the spermatozoa's membrane

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The quality of the spermatozoon and the preservation of the ovum as an objective. 

At AirmedScience,  a point of honour is placed on improving the quality of life and health of animals, in order to optimize their reproduction.

Our bioactive substances have a real impact on ovulation
  • Promoting ovulation (hormonal impact) 
  • Improving ovum's membran as well as nutrient reserves of the fertilized egg

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3 positive effects on ovulation

The benefits of plants as animals production services'

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