100% natural feed supplements for poultry

Poultry reproduction aid

We guide you during the diferent delicate phases of the reproduction of your poultry by proposing our natural solutions.

  • Antioxidant supply promotes easier and a better control of egg-laying, 
  • Egg-laying time is also longer due to the antioxidant supply, 
  • Hatching is easier with this enrichment.

Improved poultry health capital

We contribute to maintain the breeder poultry's metabolism particularly solicited. 

  • Rehydration of animals at their arrival enables to reduce risks of digestive disorders, 
  • Maintaining intestinal flora allows a better control of diarrhea. 
  • Animal stress reduction allows to decrease the frequency of pecking,
  • Supporting natural defences of poultry enables to maintain a healthy condition. 
  • In order to maintain animals in a healthy state and to promote reproduction, it is important to manage parasitic and microbial risks, in particular regarding respiratory diseases. 

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