Upstream and downstream of reproduction

  • Not neglecting any aspect
  • Not minimizing any impact

Dealing with only one side of animal's life fulfills only half of our mission. 

That's why our work aims to optimize animals life conditions and health, both upstream and downstream

Upstream of animal reproduction
  • Antioxidant intake
  • Total hygienization
  • Ovulation :
    • Membrane quality
    • Action on FSH / LH during insemination
    • Heat synchronization 
    • Presence of sufficient nutritional reserve in the ovum
  • Spermatogenesis :
    • Membrane quality
    • Volume and concentration of spermatozoon
  • Minimizing the immunity gap especially at the time of calving

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5 areas of action optimized upstream

We take into account every factors that affect quality and ease of animal reproduction. 

Nothing can be left to chance, each of our solutions will fill any gap in improving animal health.

5 parts positively impacted downstream
Downstream of breeding
  • Impact on the dilutor (preservation of the semen)
  • Spermatozoon:
    • Quality of seminal fluid
    • Promoting the rise of spermatozoon
  • Contributing to the dry period by ensuring the udder quality
  • Quality of milk:
    • Transfer of immunity into the colostrum = minimizing the immunity gap in the calf at birth 
    • Quality :
      • cells rates (epithelial cells, germs et leukocytes)
      • Butyric rate
      • Proteins level
    • Amount of milk

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The benefits of plants as animals production services'

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