Facilitating critical stages of reproduction

  • Promoting fecundity
  • Strengthening newborn animal's immunity

100% natural solutions to optimize physiological processes related to reproduction and for a better management of infectious risks. 

Being particularly careful at this step, the breeder greatly improves the fecundity of his livestock.

Promoting naturally the fecundity of your livestock

Reproduction includes some steps that may represent critical phases of the process. Indeed, as soon as spermatogenesis or ovulation occurs, it is necessary to ensure sufficient nutrients intake for the quality of gametes and to promote a good fecundity.

Therefore, to be done in good conditions, artificial insemination must be carefully prepared.

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Spermatogenesis and ovulation

Gestation is also a critical stage of reproduction 

AirmedScience offers a range of plant based products strengthening the metabolism of the mother.

100% natural nutrional supply
Strengthening newborn animal's immunity

Nutritional supply is important to ensure proper growth of the foetus and maintaining the mother's nutritional status.

Supporting the mother's metabolism will allow better hormonal and antioxidant regulation and promote the vitality and immunity of the newborn animal.

The quality of the nutritional and immune reserves acquired by the embryo during gestation and its feeding during the first days after birth, are decisive factors to ensure a good start of growth.

The benefits of plants as animals production services'

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