Strengthening health capital of animals

  • Careless digestive and urinary comfort
  • Metabolism particularly solicited

The functionning of animal immune system is subjected to certain conditions: 

The elimination of waste produced by the organism and the good drainage, favoured by an optimized feeding.

A healthy and balanced diet for an optimized health capital

Strengthening health capital requires a healthy and balanced diet allowing good elimination and good drainage, necessary for a proper functioning of animal's immune and antioxidant defence system.

For example by promoting digestive comfort, your animals will have fewer diarrhea and better health

A supply contributing to urinary comfort is also necessary for a better management of risks linked to bacterial infections and to ensure a good elimination of toxins. 

The metabolism of breeding animals is particularly solicited and is all the more necessary to be supported by promoting good nutrition and disposal of wastes produced by the organism. 

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