100% natural supplements for ovines and goats

Ovines and goats reproduction aid

We guide you during the diferent delicate phases of reproduction of your herd by proposing our natural solutions.

  • Promoting follicular maturation for a better ovulation,
  • An antioxidant supply improves fecundity thanks to a positive impact on the spermatozoon membrane's quality and by protecting gametes against oxidative stress damages,
  • Detoxification of the liver can play a non-negligible role in heats synchronization. 
  • Supporting the mother's immunity by antioxidant supply, ensures ideal conditions for a good growth of the foetus,
  • Improved maternal body defences allow to protect its health during the gestation period. 
  • Supporting immunity by antioxidant supply in slow release allows to limit the decrease of immunity at farrowing,
  • The milk secretion inhibitory action and anti-inflammatory action of plants allow to reduce mastitis risks. 
  • Magnesium and plants supply promotes the tonicity of uterine muscle and the effectiveness of contractions, which are decisive for ensuring a good delivery and expulsion of placenta,
  • The mother's good immune and nutritional status allows to optimize the quality of colostrum and to limit post-farrowing infections (vitamins, trace elements, plants with an antioxidant effect). 
  • Calcium supply promotes milk production,
  • The maintain of good immune status of the mother allows a better transmission to the lamb/ kid via milk supply. 

Improved ovines/goats health capital

We contribute to maintain reproductive sheeps/ goats's metabolism particularly solicited. 

  • An amino acid supply contributes to good digestive functioning, 
  • Improved management of parasitic risks signicantly reduces diarrhea. 
  • Fighting against stress and maintaining immune and antioxidant defences of the animal enables to promote the good functioning of all physiological mechanisms involved in reproduction.

  • Improving the management of parasitic / microbial risks in order to fight against decreased immune defences.

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