Extraction of the best part from the plant

  • Extraction process
  • Selection of active components

Plants contain many molecules of physiological interest. 

AirmedScience combines different extraction processes to extract the best part from plants.

Advanced skills in botany and animal reproduction

To guarantee the quality of our mixtures, we have developed in-house in-depth and specific skills:

  • In botanical selection: our plant extracts are made from a hundred varieties of dried plants, carefully selected,
  • In extraction processes: we produce all our extracts in order to select and protect active compounds responsible for the activity of our products,
  • In plants synergy: the fine knowledge of obtained plant extracts and their effects allows us to associate them safely to get synergistic effects essential to obtain expected benefits,
  • In reproduction: the key to successful breeding is partly due to the animal's well-being and good health in order to optimize the physiological processes involved in reproduction and to better control the risk of infection (antibacterial or antiparasitic products), and digestive pathologies (products improving digestive comfort or anti-diarrhea). 

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