100% natural feed supplements for porcines

Porcine reproduction aid

We guide you during the diferent delicate phases of your pigs reproduction by proposing our natural solutions.

  • A positive impact on follicular maturation contributes to a better ovulation,
  • Improving the cyclicity of heat favors fecundity.
  • A better control of parasitic risk enables to maintain the sow in good condition.
  • The stress management of gilts facilitates farrowing, 
  • The bladder drainage is necessary to avoid urinary infections, it is generally associated with a laxative treatment to decrease the risks of constipation and therefore digestive disorders,
  • To facilitate the birth of piglets, uterine muscles are stimulated.
  • Fighting against a lack of calcium contributes to a better milk secretion.

Improved pigs health capital

We contribute to maintain the reproductive pig's metabolism particularly solicited. 

  • Good digestive balance ensures a good animal's condition and consequently promotes a good reproductive function, 
  • Supporting intestinal flora allows to reduce risks of diarrhea, 
  • Intestinal mucosa protection is mediated by stress management of the animal (alimentary and environmental). 
  • Reduced sow stress reduces the risk of piglets crushing and digestive problems, 
  • Maintaining a satisfactory immune and antioxidant status promotes sow's good condition. 
  • The control of parasitic infections of the piglets ensures good growth, 
  • A better management of parasitic infections before farrowing favors the protection of piglets at birth. 

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